UNESCO General History of Africa, Volume 8: Africa since 1935

UNESCO General History of Africa, Volume 8: Africa since 1935

This eighth and final volume of the UNESCO General History of Africa examines the period from 1935 to the present day. As liberation from colonial rule progresses, the political, economic and cultural dimensions of the continent are analysed.

For Africa, 1935 marked the beginning of the Second World War, with Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia. International conflict dominates the first section of this volume, which describes crises in the Horn and North Africa, and other regions under the domination of the European powers. The next three sections cover the ensuing Africa-wide struggles for political sovereignty, from 1945 to independence; undervelopment and the fight for economic independence, looking at nation-building and changing political structures and values.

Section five deals with socio-cultural change since 1935, from religion to literature, language to philosophy, science and education. The last two sections address the development of pan-Africanism and the role of independent Africa in world affairs. Acknowledging the original irony that it was the imposition of European imperialism that awakened African consciousness, the volume points up the vital and growing interrelation of Africa and the rest of the globe.

The volume is illustrated with black and white photographs, maps and figures. The text is fully annotated and there is an extensive bibliography.

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