The Kill Riff

The Kill Riff

David J. Schow

Lucas Ellington's daughter, Kristen, is crushed to death at a rock concert held by "Whip Hand", the baddest band around. Returning to the world after a year in psychiatric care, Lucas decides to kill the band members one by one.

Readers of this first novel will understand why Schow wins awards for his horror stories. Lucas Ellington seeks to avenge his daughter's death at a rock concert by destroying band members one by one. The last one left alive is forced to live up to a macho image by stalking his stalker in return. Lucas is a sympathetic character at first, but increasingly his craziness is revealed. This novel deals with the dark side of rock music and media exploitation but, in a larger sense, it explores what revenge does to the avenger. Graphic sex, violence, and vulgarity may turn some readers off, but this is otherwise strongly recommended for horror collections.

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