Jump Start Rails

Jump Start Rails

Andy Hawthorne

Jump Start Rails provides you with a fun and yet practical introduction to Rails, an incredibly popular framework that makes it possible to quickly develop incredibly powerful web applications with Ruby. This short book covers Rails 4, the latest version of the framework, and while it's not intended to be a completely comprehensive Rails guide or an in-depth Ruby tutorial, it will quickly get you up to speed with Rails and give you the confidence to start experimenting on your own.

The book is built around a real-life example project: a personal portfolio site. It's a fun and easily understandable project that is used to demonstrate the concepts outlined in the book in a practical way.

This is a clear, approachable and very easy-to-follow book that will get you to to speed with Rails in no time.

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Then we can use the Bootstrap styles to create a form, and render our partial:

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clicking the Back link will take you back to the listing of all your posts. Click the Edit link next to the post, and you get taken through to a form where you can change any part of the contents of the post, and then re-save it. Likewise, if you click on the Delete link, you will be prompted first, as shown in Figure 2.12. Figure 2.12. Deleting a post Click OK and the post will be deleted. What we have here is a working application. It's a long way from being complete, of course, but

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