DAYBREAK: a gripping thriller full of suspense (Titan Trilogy Book 3)

DAYBREAK: a gripping thriller full of suspense (Titan Trilogy Book 3)


The stunning conclusion to the Titan Trilogy

"This is an edge-of-your-seat end to a terrific trilogy. Can Brendan finally get justice for his wife and daughter? The journey is so convincing, exciting, and gripping that it may just change the way you see the world." Ann Abrams

Find out the truth in this intense conclusion to the best-selling thriller series. Will former Detective Brendan Healy survive, and can Agent Jennifer Aiken finally expose the conspiracy which is exploiting young women and goes to the heart of government?

Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson, Jo Nesbo, or Dennis Lehane novels.


Book 1: HABIT

Over 200 five-star reviews

The body of a young woman is found in a remote farmhouse. Her death exposes a web of dark secrets . . .


The phone rings. One of Brendan Healy’s oldest and best friends is dead. Healy must return home to Hawthorne to found out why. Meanwhile, Agent Jennifer Aiken is investigating the same dark conspiracy involving politicians, prostitution, and black markets.


The stunning conclusion to this absorbing crime thriller trilogy.


"Habit explodes with gun battles, conspiracies, relapses and detours into the seedy world of internet porn...a hard-boiled mystery with a modern twist." - Margot Harrison, Seven Days


"T.J. Brearton has created interesting characters, including good villains, a convoluted plot and a thoughtful foundation. This is a fun read ... The conspiracy Brearton has created is reminiscent of some David Baldacci thrillers ... bad people are everywhere and in control, and that only a few - but enough to provide some hope - are fighting to save the little nobility and truth that hasn't been bought yet ... Some of the back story was provided in the first book of the trilogy, but Brearton is adept at bringing the reader up to speed on the connections among the various characters." - Jerry McGovern, The Adirondack Daily Enterprise

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