And On The Sixth Day

And On The Sixth Day

D. A. Childers

Join rookie Atlanta homicide detective Matthew Dugan as he tracks one of the most vicious serial killers ever known to the city.

What started out as a seemingly simple but odd murder and dismemberment on a subway train - the perfect case for a young rookie to make a name for himself - quickly spiraled into a rapid-fire string of brutal murders that plagued the city relentlessly for weeks.

To complicate matters for Matt as he struggles to navigate his way through the mental world of a demented killer, he's still struggling to navigate his own life and limited contact with his daughter after his recent divorce. And always lurking just below the surface is Matt's lifelong battle to cope with the death of his identical twin brother when they were teenagers.

Then, just as suddenly as the murders started, they stop. But things are far from over, for the end of the killing spree is really only the first day of the killer's true plan. But the sixth day will bring Detective Dugan face to face with the killer, and with the realization that some monsters can simply never be tamed. And on that sixth day, Detective Dugan is seemingly left with only one shocking and unexpected option - and that option will change lives forever.

And On The Sixth Day starts as a fast-paced crime drama and morphs into a profoundly complex, deep and disturbing psychological thriller.
And On The Sixth Day contains graphic content suitable for adults. Parental discretion is advised.

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